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Noise Survey

Do you need a Hearing Conservation Program?

Noise surveys must be conducted to determine employee noise exposures, however, this is not an annual requirement. Monitoring must be repeated whenever there are changes in production, process, or equipment.

A comprehensive noise assessment can generally be accomplished in one day. The rate for service includes a pre-survey discussion to understand the operation, area and dosimetry measurements, data analysis, and written report with findings and recommendations.

CHH personnel are qualified to obtain noise level measurements that assess the work environment and objectively determine employee noise exposures. The collection of data includes area noise measurements and personal, representative sampling (ie: noise dosimetry). The results are professionally analyzed to determine:

  • Employees exposed at or above the 85 dBA TWA Action Level
  • Employees exposed above the 90 dBA TWA Permissible Exposure Limit
  • Employees that do not need to be included in the program
  • Appropriate hearing protection for the documented noise levels

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